My First Day – Off and Racing

So today has been a busy day!

Luckily for me and my new creative ideas I was planning a trip into Rocky anyway so adding a detour to the second hand shops was a bonus.  Lifeline and Vinnies on the Northside provided me with a hoard of white photo frames! I could not believe my luck. This will be a great starting point.  I cant wait to show you a sneak peek of what I plan to do with these… (patience)…


As I was walking out the door, very satisfied, I noticed the cutest little white suitcase. I love old suitcases and bags.

An idea we are throwing around for | the lost underground | is to use my collection as our travel cases for our camera equipment (after some minor adjustments to make them bump and knock proof).  Just to be quirky and individual.

Dream Big



My name is Bec and I am one half of | the lost underground | a creative studio based on the Capricorn Coast, Queensland.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art and Visual Culture) double major.  I am passionate about painting, taking photographs and spending time at the beach with my sidekick and shadow Kuda the Studio Dog.

Blues And Sunshine is starting off as a small Etsy shop where I create, make and sell my artwork and photography.
I have decided to keep a blog to record my journey right from the start.

Please enjoy the ride.
Dream Big