Tonight’s Super Full Moon

Full Moon, Emu Park by @imjustpickle
Full Moon – taken 31st July 2015
The full moon is a great time to cleanse crystals and other important items such as feathers, tarot cards and jewellery.  It is a great time for rituals to let go.  Tonight’s Super Full Moon is also a time for personal transformation.

Here are some great articles regarding cleansing crystals as well as other full moon rituals.
From The Little Sage:

Body + Soul,18861

True Shining Self

Tonight I am ready to let go.

At 12:50pm AEST time the other side of the world experienced a lunar eclipse and calling it a Blood Moon.  I found a great quote about the power of the lunar eclipse and our personal transformation.  It is a choice.

This lunar eclipse presents us with a choice: We can cool the fires of our self-doubt in the Piscean waters of wisdom and empowerment, or, if we choose to swim against the current and resist change, we may find ourselves drowning in a pool of sorrow.

The article is from Anandashree Astrology
For me personally it speaks so much truth.  As a Piscean I feel the struggle with self doubt on a daily basis.  I am transforming and need to change.  It is time to let go, quash these fears and forget my past hurts.

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